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What are the key factors that drive app development cost?

What are the key factors that drive app development cost? What aspects should one consider when selecting a mobile app platform? Our founder Taj Dhunay answered these questions and more in an interview with Clutch, the online authority on top app development firms.

“Most people go for both iOS and Android, but there are a few occasions where people do tend to do iOS first depending on their market base and user base, and then do Android. That way you get to see what kind of changes you should make if you need to for the Android device. That’s preferable, and people mostly do iOS. Also, the network of iOS users is bigger at the moment, but it costs more to market the app and acquire users. Android is a lot less commonly chosen than iPhone at the moment.”

The Q&A was part of Clutch’s new mobile app expert interview series, a helpful resource for buyers to learn more about the app development market.

Taj also spoke to the complexities of mobile app pricing. For example, the additional cost of developing the same app on a second platform:

“We don’t code something so it’s universal, we have to code each app from scratch. Everything is native programming, rather than a cross-platform, one fits-all-type of solution. If you had done iOS first and then you do the Android, it will take about a fourth of the time for the second app.  If it’s switched around and you want to do the iOS second, the same thing, it will be a quarter of the time more to do the iOS when you want to do that. The reason why is that when you do a second platform, you can replicate most of the features from the first platform, but then you’ve still got to code it from scratch. It does takes less time to replicate something rather than making the whole thing again. The back-end stays the same, so you don’t recode the back-end. You only recode the whole front-end side of things. So, it’s a bit less time, meaning less cost, but there’s still a cost.”

The full interview with The Sound Pipe Media and many more app development resources can be found at Clutch.

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Top 12 App Companies in UK 2014

The Sound Pipe Media are proud to be listed as one of the top 12 app companies in the UK through an independent research by for 2014. Sound Pipe Media have put a massive amount of effort in making sure their clients are happy with each process of the project from planning through to marketing.

Take a look at the top companies in 2014

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Sourcing Line Top Mobile App Developers in UK

Sourcing has recently announced their top mobile app developers in UK. Through research Sound Pipe Media have been announced as the Top 6 mobile app developers in UK. Now having a strong team and opening offices in Saudi Arabi, Sound Pipe Media are looking to expand internationally. View their mobile app portfolio here:

Sound Pipe Media have also announced some of their clients budgets which have been verified by Sourcing line along with a testimonial of their work

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Travel Buddies Social Network

We recently created a Travel Buddies Social Network for our client who is a web agency based in Oxford.

Travel Buddies is the FREE social network to find a travel buddy for your trip. You can download it for FREE from the app store.

You can search for nearby travel buddies, message that person, connect to them and you even have your own email system. Login via Facebook, Twitter, or Google +.

The app allows you to set your travel plans and then finds you matches of similar preferences.

You have your own profile and also can see others profile on the network.

Mobile app developers are becoming extremely popular in today’s world. Apps such as Tinder & WhatsApp have been acquired for multi million pounds.

Finding the right app developers especially app developers uk are becoming more challenging then ever.
Luckily sourcing line have made it easier for us. They regularly generate a report to find the Top mobile app developers in UK and Sound Pipe Media are noted as being the Top 6.

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Shortlisted for Newark Tender in Augmented Reality

The Sound Pipe Media were recently shortlisted from over 30 companies to only 5 for the Newark & Sherwood District Council Tender. The project tender was to create a 3D Augmented Reality iPhone, Android App for the castle. They wanted to attract more visitors to the castle and our proposal really interested them as it involved marker based images around the Castle to see the historical content through the Tablet device. In addition we proposed to show everything in 3D of how things looked back in the historical period

Tender details are below:

Newark & Sherwood AR App

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ScratchBack Makes You Over £100 A Day For Free

Sound Pipe Games has finally launched its latest application ScratchBack. This amazing app is simple to play and fun. The best part of this app is it allows you to win real money and real rewards for FREE. Concept of scratch back is to scratch a lottery card and match 3 symbols to win. Once you’ve collected 1000 coins you can get a £2.00 cash pay out.

We are running special promotions were our users can even earn up to £5.00. you can do this within 20 mins if you want. £5 in 20mins, means in 8 hours you can earn £120. Not bad for 1 days work.

We are receiving some massive traction already. Some of our users are making this a full time job.

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Sound Pipe Meets So Solid Crew

We are very proud to work with many celebrities during our journey as a record label, recording studio and now as expert app developers. Working with JLS, S Club 7 & now So Solid Crew has given us the expertise to really give the music industry quality applications.

The So Solid iPhone Application has been used by thousands of fans around the world to really get more insight information about their tours, music, and soundboards. Their tour around 02 London, Manchester and the rest of the UK has been a real success and sell out.

In return the application has grown in numbers whilst the tour has been going on.

Read more information here:

so solid crew

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Splatz Reaches Over 1 Million Users

The Sound Pipe Media Ltd has announced that Splatz – Tomato Journey 1.2, a top online adventure puzzle game, has reached 1 million users since its release. With over 20,000 downloads per day in the past, the Splatz app has landed a spot in the top 5 games around the world and is in the top 10 in its category in many countries worldwide.

Splatz is an amazing adventure puzzle game which is easy and very addictive to play. It has over 300 amazing levels that offer a wide range of challenges for all age ranges and skill levels. Through Splatz you move through over 6 chapters of gameplay where you interact with tomatoes to help solve a variety of puzzles and adventures.

As you transform through the game, there may be times that you get stuck and can’t move forward, in which case there is a free hint for the day to help move your past, or you can simply buy extra hints for a small app store charge.

There is an interactive leaderboard integrated into the game so that you can see just how well you stack up against others, and you can use the technology of the Game Center so that you can restore your game on any iOs device.

The Game has been tested on the latest iOS versions with HD Graphics for Retina Display. With the overwhelming user engagement for the game, Sound Pipe Media Ltd is currently working on a follow up game that should be due out in the coming months

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Marketing Tips For A Successful App

Many start ups and corporates companies approach app development companies to get a quote. First thing is that in order to get a quote for your app a detailed specification or wireframe is required. App developers in UK find it really difficult to provide an accurate or estimated quotation without this necessary information.

Tips for finding right

app developers in UK

Once receiving a quotation it is a good idea to look around for companies of similar nature of work, clients and accreditation. A tips would be to see the companies website also, because if it doesn’t look professional, 9 out of 10 times it will be likely that your app won’t look so good either.

The trick is not to always look at price, because some apps you can developed for as little as £500. However if your app isn’t going to look very professional and get you the results on the app store I would recommend just gambling that money at a casino. You might have more luck 🙂

Another tip would be to see what apps the company have made successful on the app store. If they haven’t then it’s most likely your app will not be successful and therefore it will be money wasted.

1 part of building a successful app that makes money is development, but the really important part is marketing.

Marketing Tips

1. PR (press release) using
2. Bomb App Promotion –
3. App SEO using keywords.
4. Facebook advertising for mobile Apps
5. Tap Joy to buy installs
6. Chartboost to buy installs

We also have some great contacts and partners which will get the app listed on the app store in the top 25 rankings. Once an app is developed by us we can share this information.

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Fit + Healthy Reaches Top 1 App

We have seen great results with The Fit + Healthy App by Richard Danks formula to weight loss. Created By: The Sound Pipe Media this amazing app has hit the Top 1, in many countries around the world. See App Annie Images Below.

Richard Danks has had an amazing start to his app business and is now receiving many enquiries about Health & Fitness advice, personal training advice and dieting advice.

This amazing service we offer has really uplifted his business receiving over 40,000 downloads within a space of 3 days after launching

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[slide path=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Screen-Shot-2013-04-26-at-18.18.43.png” width=”680″ height=”500″]

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Our Top Chart Hitting Apps

The Sound Pipe Media have discovered a great platform for our apps. When a app is developed and marketed through our exclusive services and its trusted networks, the app has the potential to secure a place in the top charts. Our best applications include Tumbi Nut, Dhol Nut, Beat Nut, Talking Bunty and Sunseeker Brokerage. Tumbi Nut successfully reached the overall Top 95 apps in the UK, Top 4 music apps in UK and, Top 14 music apps in India.

The Sound Pipe Media are offering our new clients the opportunity to hit the top charts of the App Store. In addition to our App development services, we are offering our clients a unique opportunity to enter into a partnership agreement once the App has been completed. This would increase the distribution volume through our platform with our 2-3 million iPhone & Android users.

Working alongside The Sound Pipe Media and it’s trusted network, would allow clients to increase their profit on a much larger scale. With a successful App idea, you could have the potential to receive profit of up to £15,000 per month.

We welcome you to get in touch with us and together, we can design and market your App to secure its place in the top charts!

To see some of our Chart Topping Apps, please visit the following website: below:

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[slide path=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/beat-nut.png” width=”680″ height=”500″]
[slide path=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bunty.png” width=”680″ height=”500″]
[slide path=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/dholnut.png” width=”680″ height=”500″]
[slide path=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/tumbi-nut.png” width=”680″ height=”500″]

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Talking Bunty Hits Top 26 Chart

A new and fast-growing Asian entertainment app wants to expand into other categories.

The “world’s first Indian talking app” recently reached number 26 in the App Store Entertainment chart. It has over 2,000 free users a day and had over 1,000 paid users per day downloading the app.

Talking Bunty also received some extra attention in a music video, called Bappu Ve by TajE & Bee2, which has received more than half a million views in a two-week period.

The app is primarily targeted at the UK, US, Canadian and Indian markets.

Now the developers behind Talking Bunty, The Sound Pipe Media, are on the hunt for licensees. The Sound Pipe Media director Taj Dhunay told “We’re licensing the brand so we can gain more potential partners on board in terms of marketing, and strategically grow the company at this early stage.

“It’s already gained a good exposure but we now want to make it even bigger – it has great potential.

“We’re looking at categories such as toys, cartoons, online cartoons, T-shirts, clothing and food.”

The company’s latest app, Tumbi Nut, became the fourth top music paid application in the UK.

Link to Case Study: Case Study of Talking Bunty

Link to Article 1:

Link to licensing.big Article 1:

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Viation – Luxury Rebranding

[slider width=”680″ height=”500″]
[slide path=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/before_after-1.jpg” width=”680″ height=”500″]
[slide path=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/before_after-2.jpg” width=”680″ height=”500″]
[slide path=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/before_after-3.jpg” width=”680″ height=”500″]
[slide path=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/before_after-4.jpg” width=”680″ height=”500″]
[slide path=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/before_after-5.jpg” width=”680″ height=”500″]

The Sound Pipe Media successfully re branded website. This Luxury based Aircraft company sells brokerage and new aircrafts. The company is doing very well and with our help we have changed the look and feel of the website completely.

In addition the logo, branding specifications and websites look much better then before and the client was very pleased with the outcome

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Velocity – Luxury Web design

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[slide path=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Screen-Shot-2012-11-15-at-16.55.14.png” width=”680″ height=”500″]
[slide path=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Screen-Shot-2012-11-15-at-16.41.19.png” width=”680″ height=”500″]


The Sound Pipe Media has successfully redesigned and redeveloped a luxury website for Velocity. Velocity group sell luxury services such as cars, jewellery, phone, properties and private Aircraft.

We did a great job in designing the website to fulfill the clients needs and requests. The website is now live

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