Many start ups and corporates companies approach app development companies to get a quote. First thing is that in order to get a quote for your app a detailed specification or wireframe is required. App developers in UK find it really difficult to provide an accurate or estimated quotation without this necessary information.

Tips for finding right

app developers in UK

Once receiving a quotation it is a good idea to look around for companies of similar nature of work, clients and accreditation. A tips would be to see the companies website also, because if it doesn’t look professional, 9 out of 10 times it will be likely that your app won’t look so good either.

The trick is not to always look at price, because some apps you can developed for as little as £500. However if your app isn’t going to look very professional and get you the results on the app store I would recommend just gambling that money at a casino. You might have more luck 🙂

Another tip would be to see what apps the company have made successful on the app store. If they haven’t then it’s most likely your app will not be successful and therefore it will be money wasted.

1 part of building a successful app that makes money is development, but the really important part is marketing.

Marketing Tips

1. PR (press release) using
2. Bomb App Promotion –
3. App SEO using keywords.
4. Facebook advertising for mobile Apps
5. Tap Joy to buy installs
6. Chartboost to buy installs

We also have some great contacts and partners which will get the app listed on the app store in the top 25 rankings. Once an app is developed by us we can share this information.