A new and fast-growing Asian entertainment app wants to expand into other categories.

The “world’s first Indian talking app” recently reached number 26 in the App Store Entertainment chart. It has over 2,000 free users a day and had over 1,000 paid users per day downloading the app.

Talking Bunty also received some extra attention in a music video, called Bappu Ve by TajE & Bee2, which has received more than half a million views in a two-week period.

The app is primarily targeted at the UK, US, Canadian and Indian markets.

Now the developers behind Talking Bunty, The Sound Pipe Media, are on the hunt for licensees. The Sound Pipe Media director Taj Dhunay told Licensing.biz: “We’re licensing the brand so we can gain more potential partners on board in terms of marketing, and strategically grow the company at this early stage.

“It’s already gained a good exposure but we now want to make it even bigger – it has great potential.

“We’re looking at categories such as toys, cartoons, online cartoons, T-shirts, clothing and food.”

The company’s latest app, Tumbi Nut, became the fourth top music paid application in the UK.

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