PlayHit Keyboard Communicate with your friends through your favourite artist words. The way it works is you install the keyboard on your app phone and when you type a keyword the app links to a database of songs which automatically display from the words you use.


You can then select the song you need and it links to the full song so the other side shows it. The application is available on the iOS and Android Platform.


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Oicast is a Social application built on the iOS and Android platform to allow users to all Live Stream through one app.


The application allows 1-2=1 streaming and group streaming within the app. Users can do +18 streaming, and earn money and coins within the app


Additionally the app allows users to gift teddies, flowers, roses within a Live stream



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The Cleaning App

The Cleaning App is a great start-up application which allows users to login and book any cleaning service through the app platform. You can easily sign up, and buy services such as laundry, washing, office lets and holiday let


The application is available on the iOS and Android platform and Windows in the near future. It works really well to allow cleaning companies to login to the app by having a separate login, and the ability to check all the earnings, orders and a CMS for the client to see all activity


The app features a slick design which is easy to navigate through a


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Belly Full

Belly Full is a app that allow students and vendors to login to one platform. Built on an eCommerce platform, this app is driven by a CMS system where different vendors login and update their menu of items. With this vendors can update their own menus and pricing.


The application allows students to purchase tokens and use those tokens to purchase weekly and daily meals from the app


App has great potential to grow in meals, students and more vendors


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Mint is an eCommerce app which enables the user to book local freelance manicurists, hairstylists, makeup artists, massage and beauty therapists, mehndi artists, barbers and male groomers to provide services in their home, office, hotel, villa or yacht.


The application is available on the iOS, Android and a Website.


Additionally a freelancers can easily earn money from the app

mint 2

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Ring it

Ring It – An app based on the platform of Uber with a backend service so the service provider has their own access. This app allows users to instantly search for car wash companies in your local area.

The application is available on the iOS platform and will expand to Android and Windows in the near future. It works by users downloading the app and booking a car wash in their near by area. The service provider gets the request with the location, payment and then travels to the user


Additionally the user can rate the service provider out of 5

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