iTip is available on the iOS platform only and is a unique app for tipsters and betting specialists. If your new to betting then this is the perfect app for you. All you need to do is follow the best and you wont loose.



The app works on an advice functionality whereby users can place their advice and tips on a bet. i.e. If I think Liverpool will beat Man United in the second half, I can place what my prediction would be. If the result is true, then I receive points. The highest point players are the best in the network. A leaderboard shows everyone whos the best tippers in the app. You can then add that tipper to your favourite list and follow their bets.


Many people use this strategy to make successful bets and make money. Currently the app is free, but in the future it will be a subscription or paid service


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Que Hop

Que hop is an amazing start-up application based on the concept of Uber mixed with popular routes for pickups. The concept is to be launched in Africa first with government backing and then to expand to many other places such as countries without a controlled system for bus travel.


The application is available on the Android platform and will expand to iOS and Windows in the near future. It works by users downloading the app and booking a seat for their bus travel. The app allows users to see popular pick up points around their local area. The users can then walk to that stop and the private bus will then check the users in on that day/time.


Additionally a driver has their own app and login where they can see all the routes inputted via a CMS system. The driver can also see the route that they must follow for the day and check-in passengers.



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Gig Mates

Gig mates is an app for the iOS platform based around the multi million pound dating industry. Many apps have launched within the dating industry but not many have interests with peoples music choice.


Gig mates allows you to find your perfect partner that likes the same type of music as you. You can now share the same musical interests, and go to the same concerts, shows and date nights.

Gig Mates is a great ice breaker and a great way to establish conversations with people you don’t know.



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