Android application development

Android application development

Keeping an eye on the competition always makes sense, and we are keeping a close watch on the Google Android apps market, the main rival to the iPhone. Predicted to sell more than 32 million units worldwide by 2013, Google are currently shipping 60,000 Androids each day.

There are almost 200,000 apps available in the Android marketplace at the moment, a number which is beginning to compete with the iPhone’s 350,000. Just like their iPhone counterparts, Android apps are with people as they complete their daily tasks, help them set goals or can just keep the kids amused. Android app development can generate a healthy ROI independently or help brands reach wider audiences, strengthen existing user relationships and convert new customers

This platform is available on the widest range of handsets, since Google allow most manufacturers to install this operating system. If you want to reach the highest numbers on the widest range of mobile systems, this is the choice for you. Visit our Android App Development page for more information.


– Translate iPhone Apps to Android

– Lower prices for Android devices mean they have a wide appeal

– Reach a wide audience, when they need your product

– Users can run your Android app alongside others

– Compatible with Flash

– Create a widget for your app, for user home screen customizations

The opportunities for developing an app written for both iPhones and Androids are extensive, and can be produced for sectors ranging from retail and leisure to education by our in house team of experts. To get started with your Android app development today, contact us.