• Idea

    TSP team meets with you to pick up a more noteworthy comprehension of the whole venture, meet the greater part of the players included, and set rules and desires.

    Here the Scope of Work is made; every single substance, resource, and pictures are assembled; also access to any important databases is obtained.

  • Prototype

    Simple black and white delineations of your future application are made, including the position of content and pictures; the general stream of your application is outlined also.

  • UI Design

    Our designers manufacture the skin for you application, what it will resemble, what text styles will be used, and what illustrations will be shown.

  • Develop

    TSP in-house advancement cooperation on the production of your application, assemble snares to any vital databases, incorporate web administrations, and perform initial testing.

  • Alpha Test and bug fixes

    TSP developers watch the users and note issues.

    Alpha testing will be trying of an application when improvement is going to finish. Minor configuration changes can in any case be made as an aftereffect of alpha testing.

    Alpha testing is commonly performed by a gathering that is free of the outline group, yet at the same time inside of the organization.

  • Market

    With more than 1.2 Million applications now being facilitated on the Apple App Store (and more than 1.3 Million in Google Play), the times of just hurling your application out into the commercial center with the trust of picking up popularity and fortune are in decrease. Today, you need a powerful application advertising technique that pulls in the buzz and application downloads important to make your application a win.

  • Enjoy another successful app

    Watch the app have a global success, and now developers and the client can have a cold one.