Video production

The Sound Pipe Media are a music video production company based in UK London Mayfair that specialise within a range of commercials, music promos, corporate video to web video and virals, we do it all! Our creative and dynamic team cover all aspects of video production from directing & producing to camera, lighting, editing and post-production services. We bring a wide range of ideas to the table and can deliver eye-catching videos with impact whatever the budget or genre.

We have filmed music videos in Mumbai, Dehli, London & Mexico. All post production is carried out in the UK. We have shot music videos on 16mm, digibeta, Beta SP, DV, HD, and have specialised in Red one. Our videos are of top quality and suitably broadcastable on channels such as MTV, The Box, Flava and TMF.

The Sound Pipe Media have created many TV and web based viral campaigns which have attracted allot of attention in the Asian music industry. We have worked closely with MTV and Brit Asia TV in supplying broadcastable tv adverts. We are known to supplying content which is different such as our Gorilla advertisement for the album Sik ‘n’ Twisted.